Today I Sold My Speedometer

For as long as I’ve had my Dodge, today was the first time I have sold anything from my spares pile, not a big item anyway you look at it, not many miles on it either, 13,500 or so. The fellow Dodger who I sent it to Dave in Clayton, OK got a nice deal, if it fits, it ships $13.45, no more, no less. He sent me a M.O. for twenty dollars, as the item in question was his for $10.00, so I got for my efforts $6.55 and a smaller inventory. Added bonus for him, I sent along 3 glove box bumpers a $3.00 value and a 1/2 dozen P-38’s GI can openers, a great item to have at your disposal or on a key ring.

The P-38’s were a gift, many years ago from my Chef Instructor, Chef Anthony Andrews CEC, RIP, Community College of Baltimore/Baltimore’s International Culinary Art’s Institute. Tony was not my first mentor/instructor, nor was he the last. The first was my Grandmother, Grace Elizabeth Green, (my Mom’s mother) the next was Bill aka; William Fulton, RIP, Master Sergeant, US Army, Papa Co., Ft. Lee Quartermaster School, Petersburg, VA. Our paths would cross again 25 or so years later.

As the years go by friend come and go, the real good one always make the rounds, and so it happened with a move from Baltimore, MD to Richmond, VA and joining another ACF Chapter, the ACF Virginia Chefs Association, there was Bill Fulton, running the local public high school Culinary Arts program, simultaneously the chapter Apprenticeship Program for ACF/VCA, VA011.

What started this story was how work associates turn into friends, or like minded people. Most time kitchen people look out for one another, double check each other’s Mes en’ Place. (another word for prep) Once this degree of camaraderie has been achieved, the staff almost always tends to look out for each other, they are a team, they know each other jobs and how to work each others station, this is how it should be!

Now back to my Dodge M-37, I am ready to put my ETW1 Ball & Ball Carburetor on the bench and start a rebuild, in hopes of attending a few HMV (Historic Military Vehicle) events this spring, more on that next time.



Find A Mentor – Be A Mentor

This is an excellent means of learning, someone who will give advice be there for a Commie or young student. From my experience anyone who has had a Mentor, usually ends up being a Mentor. Learning a trade such as ours is not as rewarding early on.

We Are Chefs

By Paul Sorgule, MS, AAC

An often maligned statement on what it takes to succeed is familiar to most people:

“It’s not so much what you know as it is who you know.”

This infers that with friends in the right places, you can succeed even if you are incompetent. We can all point to someone like this, but I interpret this statement differently. I believe that competence is a given and that no one can succeed long term without the skills and aptitude to perform at an acceptable level. With this in mind, surrounding yourself with others who serve as an inspiration, confidant, teacher and guide, and most importantly a critic who points you in the right direction, will only help you reach your goals.


For those seeking to define their place in the world, whether it be professionally or personally, the one piece to the puzzle that allows…

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Paella, a Spicy Dish for the Dog Days of Summer

Well presented and looks real tasty as well. I have had Paella in Spain and prepared it quite a bit, this is well worth the effort. However made on an open fire or a wood burning oven, there will be no leftovers


FullSizeRender (002) Classic Spanish Paella garnished with sea food, charred tomatoes, and grilled scallions makes a great summer meal

Prepared with rice, peppers, onions, tomatoes and saffron, Paella is meal for those who enjoy spicy flavorful food and originally comes from southern Spain. This once humble dish reputed to have been the meal made by vineyard workers over an open fire is often served with spicy cured chorizo sausage and seafood. Authentic Paella is made from a special strain of medium grain rice called Bomba rice or Calasparra rice from Murcia Spain. In this recipe I use Arborio rice since it is easier to find.

Paella which is traditionally made in a special pie shaped shallow pan called a Paella pan can also be prepared in a large pot and then garnished with cooked sea food and served as a plated dish. Two of the special seasonings that create the best Paella…

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