The Workplace: How Chefs Celebrate the Holidays

I/we always did it this way, an immense task, really don’t miss it either.

We Are Chefs

By Amelia Levin

As chefs, it’s no secret many of you are forced to move around your own family holiday plans to accommodate the nature of the job. Country club chefs – with their season-long private dinners and massive banquet brunches and dinners – have an especially challenging position when it comes to planning for the holidays, in both work and personal life. Here’s a look at how two country club chefs prepare for their busiest time of year.

Planning Ahead
Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla. hosts as many as 1,200 diners just for a Monday corporate holiday event, and up to 7,000 covers a week during December thanks to other banquet dinners and seasonal brunches on the weekends. The club also sends cooks to members’ houses and businesses for private holiday dinners and gatherings. “To put it in perspective, we do about $5 million in food and…

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