Hummus with Roasted Chili and Carrots

I really like this, make sure you finish with the best extra virgin olive oil you have, it’s worth it.

Best hummus recipe

This hummus recipe, like many of the other dishes on my site, involves playing with flavors. Growing up in a Palestinian and Spanish/Puerto Rican home, I always knew that my palate was a little different. With a pantry stocked with tahini, zaa’tar, sazón, and sofrito, our cooking was often a melting pot of our multicultural upbringing. Those early experiences really shaped the way that I  looked at food. As a child, I learned that combining flavors of different cuisines can open a world of creativity. To this day, I am always looking for ways to add more flavor, spice, and life to traditional foods.  Rather than calling this cooking style “fusion cuisine,” to me, it’s simply about seeing the kitchen as a place of limitless possibilities. A little chili here and a little spice there, some Latin gusto over there, and you’ve added another dimension to your cooking.

My latest…

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