Paella, a Spicy Dish for the Dog Days of Summer

Well presented and looks real tasty as well. I have had Paella in Spain and prepared it quite a bit, this is well worth the effort. However made on an open fire or a wood burning oven, there will be no leftovers


FullSizeRender (002) Classic Spanish Paella garnished with sea food, charred tomatoes, and grilled scallions makes a great summer meal

Prepared with rice, peppers, onions, tomatoes and saffron, Paella is meal for those who enjoy spicy flavorful food and originally comes from southern Spain. This once humble dish reputed to have been the meal made by vineyard workers over an open fire is often served with spicy cured chorizo sausage and seafood. Authentic Paella is made from a special strain of medium grain rice called Bomba rice or Calasparra rice from Murcia Spain. In this recipe I use Arborio rice since it is easier to find.

Paella which is traditionally made in a special pie shaped shallow pan called a Paella pan can also be prepared in a large pot and then garnished with cooked sea food and served as a plated dish. Two of the special seasonings that create the best Paella…

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The Wonderful World of Watermelon

Best way for less waste

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To better understand the cutting, yield and shelf-life of watermelon, the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) conducted a cutting, yield and shelf-life study in 2015. The Board worked with the Food Innovation Center, a part of Oregon State University, to conduct the research. The study was designed to report on cutting methods for watermelon in foodservice and retail, provide shelf-life information for cut fruit, and collect information about how watermelon is used.

First, six chefs and retail food handlers were selected. The six included representatives from Moberi, Paley’s Place, Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Health & Science University, Sheridan Fruit Company and Whole Foods. Those representatives were then observed cutting watermelon. They also took part in an interview about using watermelon.

Some key takeaways from the interviews included, all but one organization used watermelon year-round. Additionally, between the six interviewees, there are many different uses for watermelon. Primary usage included fresh-cut, salads, garnish, protein accompaniment, fruit plate or bowl…

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Properly Prepare Broccoli Raab

I was worried I was doing it wrong for years, exactly how I handle this. New to me, the pizza.

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Broccoli raab is a trendy, tasty green that is taking menus by storm. Some of its many names are broccoli di rapa, broccoletti de rape, rape and rapini. The only similarity to broccoli, however, is the small buds on top. It is a member of the turnip family and has a rich green color and slightly bitter taste. The green leaves, buds and stems are edible. It is an integral part of Italian cuisine, and although its flavor is complex, it is intriguing and balanced.

Seasonality and Health Benefits

Broccoli raab is a cool-season crop. The ideal time to cultivate it is in fall or early spring, and it needs to be gathered before the florets open. It’s possible to have numerous cuttings from a plant, if it is harvested while the weather is cool.

Broccoli raab has vitamins A, B, C and K, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium…

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